Broward Drum Circle Founded March 26, 2005

What Is A Drum Circle

Everyone has fun in a Drum Circle

What is a Drum Circle??
   A place to have fun.
        A group of people playing drums and percussion in a circle.
                    (Facilitated or un-facilitated)
           Anyone  can participate, from young to old.
              Eventually everyone will be drumming and create a rhythm.
                 Any percussion (or musical) instrument is accepted .      
                    There are no bad drummers.
                            (Some drummers may be better then others)

Why have a Drum Circle??
   To have fun.
       Dancers can dance in the center.
         To participate in a group activity with friends. (Both new and old)
            To create healing and grounding through entrainment and rhythm.
               Therapeutic for people.
                  Builds teamwork and community.
                     Meditation can be accomplished .
                         Shamanistic or spiritual connection.

Where to hold a Drum Circle??
   Any fun place.
      Drum circles can he held  outside or inside.
           (On the beach, in a park, or in a building)

Facilitated Drum Circle:
   Everyone has fun.
       A Facilitator will show people how to have fun playing together
               and start and stop rhythms.
          Rhythms will be created by the participants
               Everyone is a participant.  
                  There is no audience.

Un-Facilitated Drum Circle:
   Everyone has fun.
       There is no leader of the drum circle.
          Participants take turns in starting and stopping the rhythm.
             Participants listen to the rhythm and add their own accents.
               The rhythm can change depending upon the participants.

Proper etiquette of a Drum Circle:
   Everyone has fun.
        Always ask permission before touching someone’s instrument.
           Listen to the rhythm and stay on rhythm.
              Play low enough so you can hear the other drummers.
                 Never drink to excess and drum.

Would you like me to host a Drum Circle for you??

These are some of the drums I can supply

email sophialinus@hotmail or call 954-984-4183

Sophialinus         The Drum Lioness