Broward Drum Circle Founded March 26, 2005

Tequesta Drum Circle 

  MoonPath Circle is the Proud Sponsor of:
 Tequesta Drum/Dance/Fire Circle Celebration

 Spring Equinox Tequesta Drum/Dance/Fire Circle Celebration

                Tuesday, March 20, 2018      7 PM      

                     Bring your own seating, food, drinks, bug spray.
           No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Pets,  No Fire Performers, No playing in the fire.
         No Unsupervised Children - Under 18 must have an adult with them

            Park Gates Open at 7 PM - Park Gates close at 10 PM

           No one admitted to the Park after 10 PM  -  No Drumming after 11 PM
           All guests must depart the Park before the stroke of Midnight

  $10 Cash Entrance Fee goes toward the event costs which include:
  HBSP Fee, HBSP Patrol/Rangers, Insurance,  and a Portable Handy Cap Restroom.

  Hugh Taylor Birch State Park -     3109 E. Sunrise Blvd., Ft Lauderdale, Fl   33304

Hosted by Moon Path Circle, Inc  501 (C)(3)
Profits will be donated to the Citizen Support Organization -  Friends of Birch State Park, Inc.

  Started by Mark Foley in 2005
Winter Solstice  December 21, 2005 was the first Tequesta Drum/Dance/Fire Circle
   Since September 22, 2006
     Tequesta Drum Circle has been Hosted by Moon Path Circle, Inc  501 (C)(3)
         sophialinus    SpelCastor -



                                                                    Photo of Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2010

                                Tequesta Attendance   Tequesta Accounting                

                                                                                             Join us Every Solstice and Equinox
                                                                               Date                                 Time                               What                  

                                                 Tuesday,              March 20, 2018              7 PM - Midnight    Vernal Equinox  (50)    12:15 EDT  
                                                 Thursday,           June 21, 2018                 7 PM - Midnight     Summer Solstice (51)   06:07 EDT
                                                 Saturday,            September 22, 2018       7 PM - Midnight    Autumn Equinox (52)   21:54 EDT
                                                 Friday,                December 21, 2018         6 PM - Midnight    Winter Solstice   (53)   17:23 EST

                                                                  Wednesday,       March 20, 2019               7 PM - Midnight    Vernal Equinox  (54)    17:58 EDT  
                                                 Friday,              June 21, 2019                   7 PM - Midnight    Summer Solstice (55)    11:54 EDT
                                                 Monday,            September 23, 2019        7 PM - Midnight    Autumn Equinox  (56)   03:54 EDT
                                                 Saturday,          December 21, 2019         6 PM - Midnight    Winter Solstice (57)        23:19 EST

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park  
              (in the Primitive Camp area)
                                   3109 E. Sunrise Blvd,  
                    (North side of Sunrise Blvd West of A1A)
                            Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  33304

                        (954) 468-2791 (954) 564-4521
                              SpelCastor -


    The first Tequesta Drum/Fire Circle

     'Winter Solstice 2005'     

                           The energy stirred at the 2005 Winter Solstice
        was a beautiful beginning
            that we maintain and continue.

Held in the "Primitive Camp" area
   We gather at Solstice and Equinox to honor the Earth.
    To some this is God's Creation.
     To some, it is the Earth, our Mother.

There will be a 'lighting of the bonfire' ritual honoring the earth-and-cosmos
  and a creative earth based ritual will also be held .

There will be an alter available to place your treasured items for
  charging with energy.

This is a community celebration to Nature.

We will be raising community energy,
   awareness, and intention for individual potential.

We will align once again with our Earth, our Star, and our core of being. 
 We will honor the majestic Life Force Energy we are all a part of.

This Life Force Energy may be represented by God, Goddess, and/or Spirit.

We welcome a broad-spectrum spiritual community.

Including the Earth-based, the Yogis, the Church of Religious Science,

    Unitarian, Unity,  private covens, solitary individuals, environmentalists ..etc..

It is a good way for different groups, teachers and ideas to

  inter-relate with one another. 
   To share, compare, learn, grow, or just chill out and have a relaxing time.

Dress ceremoniously for this special day.

If anyone knows drummers, fire throwers, dancers, musicians or just sweet,
   spiritually-inclined earthy and holistic people, please invite them.

Any talent wishing to perform will be given attention at the circle!

You don't have to be a good drummer or dancer -
       There are no bad drummers or dancers.....
                Everyone is lovingly welcome and appreciated.

You can drum, play any instrument or percussion gadget that you have,
              dance, or just watch and socialize.

Sophialinus         The Drum Lioness